Scuba diving and swimming through the water can not just strengthen your legs it can likewise assist with developing your overall posture, which is significant for a decent general pose in your regular daily life. Breathing while diving is slow and profound, which is fundamental while monitoring and streamlining your air consumption.

Many of you are interested in Scuba Diving as one of the best project and amazing adventure. You must have to get ready because in this article  I am going to write about the beautiful scuba diving Spot around Davao City. Are you ready? Let’s go!

6 Best Scuba Diving Spots In Davao City!

Here are the 6 lists of Scuba diving Spot In Davao City! Get ready And Let’s find out!


Coral Dive (NAUI)

Coral Dive site

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Are you looking for a Scuba Diving certified professional and beautiful spot to do your water adventure project? Coral Dive is one of the most recommended spots for you to visit and make your dreams come true. They have a variety of services that they can offer to their customers such as Island Hopping Tour A: Transportation (back & forth) Food and drinks, pictures, and video for your excellent and unforgettable experience while doing Scuba diving. So what’re you waiting for? Coral Dive now!

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Location: Leon Garcia St, Poblacion District, Davao City, Davao del Sur



Ligid Caves Davao

Ligid Caves Davao

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For a truly significant plunge in Davao, the Ligid Caves are highly recommended to visit. While going down further than 25 meters two caverns will seem to prompt a hallway where occupant reef fish stow away in wipe crabs and dark and delicate corals. With enough luck and time, jumpers may yet find other captivating things concealed in this cave. Best spot to visit for Scuba Diving.



Pro Dive Davao
Pro Dive

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International standards of security and administration at an entirely reasonable local price. They will take more time to the seashores and reefs around the Davao area, on their own completely kept 60 Ft customary Banca Boat.
You can explore the reefs as swimmers or Divers and if you have not yet qualified they can take you on an Intro jump with one of their completely qualified and experienced instructors.
It’s a hassle-free outing. Food and beverages are given the entire day and remembered for the cost. Don’t believe it can be this good – Take a look at our review section
See YOU in the bluefish friend.

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Location: 303/304 Jln Palma Gil St, Poblacion District, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur



Angel’s Cove

Angels Cove

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Angel’s Cove is one of only a handful of exceptionally famous dive and swimming spots in Island Garden City of Samal. The manageable shallow waters make it fit for swimming travelers. Additionally, plenty of divers visit the spot for its rich marine biodiversity. If you have time to come to Davao for island visits, there’s a high possibility that Angel’s Cove is a part of your island hopping agenda.


Location: XM5H+RR9, Kaputian, Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte



Dapia Dive Site

Daphia Island

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Dapia Reef is a famous jumping objective in Davao. It is situated along the bank of Talikud Island, where its flawless waters fill in as an asylum to different tropical marine life, such as morays eels, ox-eye scud, tube worms, sea stars, gorgons, barrel sponges, barracudas, fusiliers, hawksbill, turtles, sea urchins, sea horses, jackfish and tunas. Hard and soft coral formations cover the reefs Hard and delicate coral developments cover the reefs. The site is generally more profound than different destinations and has inclining landscapes with edges. The greatest profundity of the Dapia Dive site is around 80 feet, or roughly 24 meters however the current is moderate. although the waters are clear all year, it is ideal to visit the Dapia Reefs during the long stretches of November to May.


Location: Island Garden City of Samal, Davao, del Norte



Vanishing Island Dive Site

Vanishing Island

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Additionally among Samal and Davao, the dive site has clear waters with a lot of ocean imps and starfish. At an extremely shallow profundity, it is astounding that an excellent plunge spot in Davao like this can reveal such a lot of coral wonders. The island rapidly vanishes during the elevated tide.

Location: Babak Island Garden City of Samal




Would you like to visit one of our list above above? Or have you even been to one of this place before? If so did you enjoy there? How was your experience there?  You can write your comments on or comment section.

If you have some any recommendation please feel free to write it to our comment section so that we can write article about it. Thank you!



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