Davao City is a resourceful and impressively abundant city and it is apparent how the city is thriving. And even with the continuous industrial progression, Davao City remains rich in trees, forests, resources, and farmlands. So does Davao have their very own local products?


Local Products In Davao City

In this article, we will list 10 local products that successfully made it to the Davao market…and even nationally. And if you are a tourist, you must try these proudly Davao products. Here we go!


Chiga’s Chili Sauce

Chiga's Chili Sauce

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If there is a household Davao City chili seasoning brand, it would be Davao’s Chigas Chili Sauce. The seasoning is a favorite for every chili lover perfect to pair with fried, grilled, baked, and steamed meals. It can almost be paired with any savory dishes! And it’s a no brainer why Chigas is a favorite for their seasoning are all not only spicy but altogether deliciously made.

Chigas is made of different types of seasoning namely chili+garlic, chili+garlic+calamansi, and chili+ garlic+ kalamansi+anchovies, and chili+garlic and even spicier than the standard ones. You can buy Chigas at Abreeza Mall Go Lokal Ground Floor, GMALL, and NCCC Mall groceries.

Location: Abreeza Mall, J.P. Laurel Ave, Poblacion District, Davao City



Malagos Chocolates

Malagos Chocolates

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If you want a premium quality chocolate that is organic and healthy then you need to get Malagos Chocolate. The award-winning chocolates prided itself in a “tree-to-bar” production making their products distinct, finely made, and unique taste. Their chocolates vary depending on your preference from the levels of dark chocolate contained to the level of sweetness.

It is indeed a must-try for it is proudly a successful product in Davao that is now enjoyed internationally. Other than Malagos Chocolate Musem, you can purchase their chocolates online at their online website for your convenience.

Location: Malagos Garden Resort, Malagos, Baguio District, Calinan – Baguio Rd, Davao



Mang Danny’s Ice Cream

Mang Danny's Ice Cream

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An amazing story of a 60-year-old man who sells “dirty ice cream” in the streets as an ice cream vendor suddenly hits popularity, fame, and thousands of customers by selling it at Roxas Night Market, a popular tourist attraction and street food area. It was a huge phenomenon for people would line up in long queues every night to Mang Danny for an hour or two just to taste the 20php ice cream. He said he sold at least 1,225 cones every night at an average of 5,000php revenue.

The secret? The man said there’s no secret. He just put so much passion and love into his work and always tries to improve the recipe of his ice cream in the span of 48 years of selling ice cream. Now they are selling tube ice creams into different flavors in local stores and opened up two store branches so people don’t need to line up. People who have tried it said it’s one of the best ice creams in Davao City.

Location: Gaisano Mall of Toril Building, Pan-Philippines Highway, Corner Lim Street, Toril, Davao City



Cacao De Davao

Cacao De Davao

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Cacao de Davao Another brand that sells premium cacao chocolates at a reasonable price is Cacao de Davao. Their products come from 100% cacao bean extracts, (no preservatives, additives fillers added) the finest and best source of chocolates.

One of their bestsellers is the Unsweetened 100% Chocolate Chalets (premium tableya), chocolate chalet you can use to make hot or cold chocolate drinks, for baking cakes, brownies, cupcakes, and more. Their chocolates are extraordinarily rich and flavourful; one can only be achieved when it came from the purest form of chocolate grades. Now you can purchase their quality chocolates and enjoy a cup of them in their chocolate-y store.

Location: San Pedro Extension Street, Poblacion District, Davao City



Dairy’s Best Milk Bars and Drinks

dairy milk bar photo

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A favorite to both young and old, Dairy Best had been producing quality fresh cow’s milk products for more than a decade or two in Davao City. Two of their bestselling products are the Chocolate Milk Bar, an ice-chilled delicious chocolate milk in a bar, and satisfying fresh milk drinks that comes in different flavors such as chocolate, milk, strawberry, durian, and more.

It is produced by the Federation of Davao Dairy Farmers Cooperative, the only fresh milk brand in Davao City. It can be bought in any malls in Davao City and in the Davao Milk Processing Plant.

Location: 220 Matina Aplaya Rd, Talomo, Davao City, Davao del Sur



Porky Best Products

dairy milk bar

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From the year 1977 to this day, Porky Best produces quality processed meats like pork chorizo (pork sausage), pork tocino (Filipino-styled bacon or cured pork meat), and pork barbeque which are maintained and improved throughout the years. With their unique flavors and tastes, Davaoenos and local provinces had made it one of the household must-buys for their everyday meals.

Now they also have their bestselling Porky Best Chicharon (crispy fried pork belly and rinds) great for snacks. All their products are carefully processed and they maintained it’s quality and delicious tastes. You purchase their products at the official store Lazada online store and their processed meats and chicharon in any Malls in the grocery areas.

Location: Matina Kawayan Drive, Poblacion District, Davao City



Sanny Sweets

Sanny Sweets

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Sanny Sweets A family-owned bakeshop, Sanny Sweets pioneered hopia-making (mooncakes) in Davao City and also a collection of chinese style pastries. It is founded by Thomas Ong and then passed by to his children. Their reputation grew through the years due to their delectable mooncakes and all the more maintaining the quality and tasty snacks.

Their bestseller is the mooncakes with a variety of flavors such as pork flavor, durian flavor, ube flavor, etc. You can purchase their snacks in their main branch as well as in local convenience stores and in malls in the grocery area.

Location: Tiongco, 10-A, Davao City



MX3 Coffee, Tea, and Capsules

Amazon.com: MX3 Mangosteen Coffee Mix (10 Sachets) Sugar Free: Health & Personal Care

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Made from the tropical mangosteen fruit, MX3 it is named after the mangosteen xanthones as well as it’s three core formula, alpha, beta, and gamma mangostins; powerful antioxidants. It is used as traditional indigenous medicine and MX3 company has coffee, tea, and capsules. MX3 products are known as dietary supplements and now widely popular both in the country and overseas.

The wonderful product has several benefits which improve blood circulation, aids weight loss, reduces cholesterol, fights diseases and more. The humble owner Gina Mendoza started MX3 products for more than a decade and is trusted by locals and several loyal customers alike and alot had claimed that it improved their health greatly from their various ailments.



Kuilan’s Foodhaus








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Dubbed as the best siopao (hot bun) in Davao City, Kuilans will satisfy your hunger and siopao cravings no doubt. Also, it may be hard for you to eat other siopao brands again once you eat Kuilan’s siopao. The size is kind of small but every bite would scream delicious! It may be small in size but the inside is big in filling.

The flavor of meat, boiled egg is just about right and super tasty. And the buns are super soft and fluffy, you’d enjoy every bite. Kuilan’s had been operating in Davao City for more than a decade already and it may not be quite popular but Davaoenos definitely know will point you to Kuilan’s if you ask where to find the best siopao.

Location: Dacudao Ave, Obrero, Davao City



Allegro Ice Cream

Ube and Durian Allegro Ice Cream All You Can at Probinsya Buffet Restaurant - Davao Food Trips

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The Davao-based ice cream brand started in 2006. Allegro prided itself with its formulation with a help of a Dutch consultant and state-of-the-art European machinery and technology to successfully manufacture the creamy and delicious ice cream.

The high-quality sweet dessert is available in flavors chocolate, ube, strawberry, durian, cookies and cream, and vanilla. Over time, they often release limited-edition flavors like chocolate ice cream with brownie chunks and some other combinations. If you want an ice cream that’s worth your money, then definitely get Allegro Ice Cream.

Location: R Castillo Street, Calinan District, Davao City



Intrigued with our list? Which one would you like to take home first? Let us know in the comments what are your favorite Davao local products. We’d love to know what do you guys have in your kitchen.

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