Davao City has a lot of fascinating places, popular attractions, and tourist destinations and you would probably wonder if there are places where you haven’t taken your date or your partner to impress him/her. But where?

Romantic Places in Davao City

We will list 11 romantic places (in no particular order) you might not have heard of yet and where can take your date. Do you want a perfect quality time with your special someone? Then don’t skip the list or you might miss some of these cozy and charming places you and your date would love. So let’s get started.



Belito's Vineyard


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Do you want some al fresco dinner date with superb home-cooked Spanish dishes? Perfect to go here at night for you’ll enjoy the calm and homey ambiance plus the food will make your partner swoon over for your palates will be filled with delish and bountiful dishes. One of Davao City’s best-kept secret, this place is secret no more for their food is making a lot of noise and word of mouth for how excellent the dishes are. Plus, the place is truly a breath of fresh air, like literally. It’s perfect for both you and your partner. And don’t forget to order their paella negra and lamb caldereta. People had been coming back to these two dishes.


Location: Palm Dr, Bajada, Davao City


D’Leonor Inland Resort and Adventure Park

D'Leonor Inland Resort & Adventure Park | Philippine Business Locator | Adventure park, Resort, Places to visit

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A great way to release you and your partner’s inner child and have fun together is to go to this exciting place. D’Leonor Inland Resort and Adventure Park is a place with so many fun things to do plus quality time to create great memories with your loved one. This 26 hectares Inland Resort and Adventure Park have several amenities like a theme park, restaurant, mini bar, clubhouse, nature park, adventure rides, wave pool, a regular pool, zoo, fishing, ATV track, wall climbing, zipline, a small golf course, badminton court, karaoke area, surf ride, billiard and many more. Plus you can stay here for a night with a different selection of room types. Want a hotel type? they have it. They also have a chalet room, dormitory, a native type, and deluxe rooms. It’s really an ultimate weekend getaway with your partner.


Location: Forestal Rd, Buhangin, Davao City

Ouzo Restobar

Ouzo Restobar


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Picture an upstairs open-air restaurant and bar with a live band or singer playing with a cool and breezy ambiance plus a view of the city. Isn’t that a lovely dinner date night? Ouzo Restobar is a charming place that serves spectacular comfort food while showcasing a sweet setup for you and your date. Do you want to lighten up the mood and let your partner unwind? Then be sure to put this on your date list. And the food doesn’t disappoint for people had been raving about their dishes here. And do you want to finish the dinner with some alcoholic drinks? Then you’ll have a great vibe here drinking while listening to their live music.


Location: Mamay Rd, Barangay Alfonso Angliongto, Buhangin, Davao City


Brew Fresco Cafe

Brew Fresco Cafe, Davao City - Restaurant Reviews, Phone Number & Photos - Tripadvisor

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Want someplace for a romantic coffee date plus on a cozy rooftop? Well, there’s a place for that if you’d like a whole new level of a lovely coffee time in the stars. Brew Fresco Cafe is a pretty unique Cafe for they have relaxing couches on the rooftop with a view of the night sky while drinking coffee and eating comfort food. You want your date in a perfect open-air ambiance with coffee and not to mention they also serve milk teas here? Then take your date here now.


Location: Fuente de Villa Abrille Subdivisión, Tulip Dr, Matina, Davao City


Visataview Resto

Visataview Resto


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Do you want a place situated on a hilltop with an overlooking view of city lights at night or a stunning view on the horizon of the city with the Samal Island Gulf by the day? Well, we all know Jack’s Ridge is one of them but you might not heard of this place because it’s fairly new. Vista View Resto has been becoming quite popular by word of mouth for its cool air ambiance, awesome grilled Filipino dishes, and of course, a great view of the city from the hilltop. It’s a treat to take your date here for some private time together at the weekend plus, the view of the city is really romantic and irresistible. We all know we want that kind of date. Plus, the resto serves the most expensive coffee in the world. Remember the civet coffee we talked about in our last article? A great way to wow your partner with your knowledge and love for local produce.


Location: Langub Rd, Talomo, Davao City


La Toscana Italian Bar and Restaurant

La Toscana Italian Bar and Restaurant, Davao City - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews - Tripadvisor
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So we’ve taken you earlier to a European Mediterranean Resto and French resto. Do you want another romantic country with its excellent cuisines just in Davao City? Yes, this time we’ll introduce an Italian Restaurant in Davao City.

Another fine dining experience to make your partner feel special, take him/her to La Toscana. The restaurant itself is a marvel for the setting, furniture, and design is impressive you’ll feel like you’ve just traveled to Italy! The place serves, of course, authentic Italian cuisine favorites like pizza, pasta, and many more. Want some wine at night with your date? An Italian resto wouldn’t be complete without some deliciously sultry Italian wine.


Location: Tionko Building, Arellano St, Poblacion District, Davao City


Rekado Filipino Comfort Cuisine

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They say a way to someone’s heart is through the stomach. And this is very true for Davaoenos.

Are you dating a food lover? Then if you want to satisfy your partner’s craving for authentic Filipino comfort food and desserts (and impress her/him), then this place will have your fill for one of the best Filipino restaurants in town. The restaurant has a modern comfy ambiance so it is a standard to have a positive experience in a place. With accommodating staff and great food, it is a good time to get to know your date in a place that is easy to let loose of.


Location: 1050 Emilio Jacinto Ext, Barangay. 11-B, Poblacion District, Davao City


Upstairs Rooftop Bar + kitchen

Upstairs Rooftop Bar + kitchen

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A funky, modern, and Instagrammable place, a lot of locals most especially young locals had been coming to this place.

And that’s why we recommend this as a romantic place for Upstairs Rooftop Bar + Kitchen is a cool resto to eat comfort food and drink with your date. Do you want somewhere fun, not so serious, and just chill? Then this restaurant is a great place to start with the apple of your eye. It is an upstairs restaurant and you’ll be dining in their indoor garden, a setup that is undoubtedly relaxing already. The place can be packed at night and you might as well meet new friendly faces. And if you want to do karaoke with your date after a nice dinner and heavy drinks, then they have a private karaoke room as well.


Location: Erloom Building, Block 6 Lot 10, Ma-a Road, Talomo, Davao City


De Bonte Koe European Bar and Restaurant

De Bonte Koe – European Bar & Restaurant

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Do you want to dine in a classy European + Mediterranean restaurant with your partner? Then look no further for De Bonte Koe European Bar and Restaurant will take you to the other side of the world with their authentic cuisines and drinks to a sweet romantic evening. They are known to serve one of the best steaks in Davao City and your dinner will be coupled with their European wine selections. It’s a classic romantic date that would totally win your date’s heart and stomach.


Location: Habana Compound, 29 J.P. Rizal, Poblacion, Davao


La Fermette Dairy Farm and Kawa Bath

Toamte cerise

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Another way to impress your date is to take her to the cuisines of one of the romantic countries in the world…and that is a French restaurant. But how about a relaxing place at the same time out from the busy streets of  Davao? Does this all exist in one place?

We are happy to introduce to you one of the interesting restaurants + Farm + Kawa Bath restaurant in Davao City that serves fresh and delectable French dishes plus a place to treat you and your date to a relaxing kawa bath for an intimate time together! Owned by a Filipino-French couple, this unique place will serve you farm-to-table authentic and really impressive French dishes and pastries that are foreign to your usual local tastes. Plus, it’s a fairly chilly place because it’s situated to farm and vegetation so expect a quiet and quality time with your loved one.


Location: Purok 8, Deca Homes, Tugbok, Davao City



Salome’s Garden by Chippens

Salome's Garden by Chippens

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Salome’s Garden by Chippens is a secret garden inside the city. Besides their comfortable and heartfelt vibe, they have flavorful food decisions that you must try!
We are so delighted to find that there are a ton of cafés and restaurants here in our city that can accommodate and we can spend romantic moments with our dear love once.

Their structure is the ideal scene for weddings, birthday events, and different events.
For extravagant food and Chippens exemplary dishes, Salome’s Garden Christmas Cafe is open for reservations.

Arranged in a secret nursery along with the city, Make your day additionally unique by celebrating it in Salome’s Garden by Chippens.


Excited to take your date in Davao City now? Which place are you taking your date or partner first? Let us know if you’ve been here already and what are your experiences in these places on the list. We’d love to hear about your romantic time in our City.

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