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How do you get Driver’s Licence in Davao City? (Overview)

Road trips and traveling are more fun. That’s a great way to unwind yourself from those stressful days that you have in a whole week. Of Course, the basic requirement is that you have to know how to drive, whether it is a motorcycle or 4-wheel vehicle. And most important you have your Driver’s License. You maybe know how to drive but you don’t have a Driver’s License, then it’s useless either. When you have the skills to drive and you have your Driver’s License it’s easier to travel to other provinces, Cities, and so on. You can just rent a motorcycle or rent a car. Then you can be about to enjoy your journal and the best thing you can also save for this trip.


A Driver’s License is a government-issued document from the Land Transportation Office in short term (LTO) That can give you legal authority to drive and operate any kind of vehicle. How do you get Drivers in Davao City? In this article, we are going to list all the important information to help you find out the best ways and make it easier and more convenient and answer all your concerns. Such as: What is the difference between a Professional and a Non-Professional Driver’s License? What Facilities should they go to? How much does it cost for the Driver’s License? How long does it take to get the Driver’s License? What are the documents they need for applying for a Driver’s License? In This article, we are going to answer all of these questions and find some information for you.


And please be wise of getting your Driver’s License because there are some Fakes. They still look the same as the original but based on our own experience with my brother we almost got into trouble about paying a lot of money but it’s not legit. He actually got his Professional Driver’s License. Don’t worry I am going to list the step by step procedure for getting the Drivers License. Please be sure to read this article to give you clear ideas and information.


How to Get Driver’s Licence in Davao City?

Steps that you have to need to do:

  • Complete all the needed requirements for applying for the Driver’s License. Please check this reference link (here)
  • Go to the LTO to apply for the Drivers license. Before that please ask the staff where you can get an Application for a Drivers License (ADL).
  • After filling out all the information from the (ADL) you can submit your application form.
  • After submitting those forms you can proceed to the cashier for payment.


What is the difference between a Professional and a Non-Professional Driver’s License?

Getting the Driver’s License there are two types of the Drivers License. The Professional Driver’s License and the Non-Professional Driver’s License. Some of you may wonder what will be the difference between the Professional Driver’s License and Non- Professional Driver’s License.

All things considered, the main distinction between Professional and Non-Professional Driver’s License holders is the sort of vehicles that the carrier can drive. At last, a Non Professional holder can’t drive weighty and big vehicles.


How Much Does It Cost For The Driver’s License?

In getting the License you need to take an examination, as a part of the expenses the examination fee of Php 167.63 which you need to pay before you are going to take the written exam and the practical examination.
For the License alone you need to pay Php 652.83 and that is to be paid right at the moment before the Driver’s License is issued to you. This is for the Non-Professional Driver’s License.


For the Professional Driver’s License, there is no difference between the Non-Professional Driver’s License you still need to pay the License fee of Php 585. And for the Application fee Php 100. In the total of Php 685. But note please bring some extra money for other extra payments.


What Facilities Should They Go To?

For you to be able to get your driver’s License you need to go to the (LTO) Land Transportation Office – Regional Office.
Operating hours from Monday to Friday from 8 am-5 pm.
You may also call There Phone number: (082) 226 4141

Located at Quezon Blvd, Poblacion District, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur


How Long Does It Take To Get The Driver’s License?

As we have been experiencing It never took so long. If you arrived there earlier, you can get your Driver’s license within the day. But In our case, we get the Driver’s License the next day or withing 24 hour.
Please be guided if you come from far from Davao City, Please come early before the office opens to be the first person to be served and you will be able to get your Driver’s License within the day. That’s the best thing you can do.


What are the documents they need for applying for a Driver’s License?

List of the Basic requirements for the Driver’s License

  • You have to get first your Student Permit (SP)
  • Medical Record
  • Please secure to bring your PSA-Authenticated birth Certificate (Photocopy and bring also the original)
  • Any Government-issued Valid Id with the photo and signature of the applicant (Photocopy and Original)
  • For those who are employed you Tax Payer’s Identification Number TIN. (Photo Copy and Original)


Video tutorial step by step From Student Permit (SP) to Non-Professional to Professional Driver’s License

Video reference (here)


Tips and additional reminders in getting the Driver’s License

Steps to be followed:

  • Get your PDC Practical Driving Course in any LTO accredited driving School and get your PDC Certification. Video guide to get the PDC (here).
  • Please do some review before taking the examination to avoid failing, because if you fail you lose money from it. By reviewing you may also use LTO Portal Reviewer (here)
  • Review all your papers and requirements and make sure that it is complete including all the photocopies before going to LTO to avoid delaying your transaction.
  • Go to the LTO Office as early as you can, before their working hours if you wish to get your license on the same day. For example, you have to arrive there at 7:00 am around 2-3 pm so you will be able to get your Driver’s License.
  • Dress code: Dress decently, Dress appropriately, Highly restricted wearing shorts are not allowed! Please wear shoes. To avoid delaying transactions you have to wear proper clothing. LTO Offices didn’t allow applicants to wear shorts.
  • For those who are wearing eyeglasses please wear your glasses, especially during your practical driving test to avoid messing out.
  • Validation of Professional and Non-Professional Driver’s License is only five (5) years.



So if you are wondering what are the things you need to do in getting your Driver’s License, the above information is given to you for your convenience and as your reliable source of information. I hope this article can help you to figure out the steps and requirements on how to get your Driver’s License.


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