Are you searching for the place where your kids can play comfortably inside?

This is the list of the Kids’ playground you can use!

Commonly to use them, you have to pay some money according to the play time. Don’t forget your wallet and socks(commonly we need socks to play there) as well.


9 Kids’ Playground Where Your Kids Can Play Comfortably Inside

Here is the list of Kids’ Playground in Davao City!


SM Lanang “Kidzoona”

There is a fomous Kids’ playground “Kidzoona” inside SM Lanang. It’s located near a Movie theater.

You can enjoy a lot of attractive tools and big slider and so on. If you are searching for a good place where your kid can use a new toy or mimic something like shop staff, doctor and so on or play using a big slider, it’s one of the choises.

Facebook page is here

Price: 230 peso per hour


Superkid Playground

(picture reference is here)

Newly opened Kids Playground opened on 4th August 2023. The place is wide and clean so your kids can play comfortably. The place is located on the ground floor, inside ASCENDIDO BLDG(please check the google map below).

The price is 180 peso per hour. If you are looking for a new and clean kids playground, I recommend you here.

price: 180 peso per hour

Facebook page is here


Gaisano Grand Citygate Mall “Kids Paradise Buhangin”

If you are searching for a new and well organaized kids’ playground, “Kids Paradise Buhangin” inside Gaisano Citygate is one of the good choises. You can find some big sliders and ball pools and on weekend, charactors appear so kids can play and take pictures with them together!

Facebook page is here

Price: 150 peso per hour


“Play Village” inside NCCC mall Buhangin

(picuture reference is here)

If you are searching for a well designed kids playground, “Play Village” inside NCCC is the best choice. The play area has a lot of wooden houses so it’s like the new world for kids. There is a big slider so kids who love activity can enjoy also.

The price is different if it’s weekday or weekend, but if it’s weekdays, only 130 pesos per hour. Your kid can enjoy with affordable price and can make good memory here.


1 hour : 130 peso (weekdays), 180 peso(weekends)


Facebook page is here(NCCC buhangin page)


“Kidzone”  inside Abreeza

There are 2 kids playgrounds in Abreeza.

“Kidzone” is small but well organaized playground for kids. All places are safe so your kids or baby can play safely.

Facebook page is here

Price: 170 peso per hour


“Wonderland for kids” in Abreeza

“Wonderland for kids” is located in the outdoor area on the 3rd floor in Abreeza. It’s wide place so your kids can walk and run a lot.

Facebook page is not found

The price is different from weekday and weekend.


Gmall “Sonic Fun Maze “

Gmall has 1 playground now in 2023 “Sonic Fun Maze”

Just like the name, the playground is like a big maze! Your kids can enjoy the feeling like an adventure.

Facebook page is not found so it’s the Gmall facebook page here


“Gymboree Play & Music Davao City”

“Gymboree Play & Music Davao City” is not only a playground, but also an educational place as well. This place has some benefits about curiosity and friendship so if you hope your kids learn a lot in playground, this place suits you!

Just be careful, if you want to use this place, you need reservation in advance, so please contact from the facebook page.

facebook page is here

Price: 250 peso per hour


“HAPPY PLACE” inside Hampton Hotel

(picture reference is here)

There is a clean, big and well organaized Playground inside Hampton hotels in agdao.

“HAPPY PLACE” is really great place for kids. Your kids can play many situations and use a lot of toys. There is a class for family so if you are searching for a small school, it’s one of the choice.

Facebook page is not found so it’s Hampton hotel’s page here 

instagram page is here

Price: 220 peso per hour



Did you find a good playground for your kids? If you know more info, please let us know. Thank yoU!


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