What is Gcash?

A Philippine mobile wallet, mobile payments, and branchless banking service. Nowadays Gcash is popular because it is very convenient when it comes to paying bills, Bank transfers, and sending money. Gcash is one of the most popular mobile applications nowadays in the Philippines. Whether a professional, or nonprofessional, Students, adults, young adults, and even kids have their Gcash. It’s a safe mobile application to use and a proven and tested Gcash user.
Now in this article, I have to tell you and give some information on how Gcash will work when it comes to every transaction you have whether it’s a bill payment, money transfer, or bank transfer. I wanted to share with all of you my personal experience on how Gcash helps me save more time in every transaction. Are you ready? Let’s get started.


How does the Gcash Mobile wallet work?


Gcash can be used to pay bills, bank transfers, Buy loads, and even if you have to order food and many more Gcash helps a lot to ease some burdens and help you save some time.


How to pay Via Gcash in a Shopping Malls, Supermarket, Food Chain, and so on?

In a shopping Mall or whenever you are in, You have to look around first if they have a signboard like “We accept Gcash payment, or a Gcash picture and QR code” that will be the sign that they accept Gcash payment, But if you can’t see any sign board or any sign of Gcash you can ask the cashier directly first before you have to let them punch your items to avoid delayed transaction and troubles.
And if confirmed you can proceed to the next step. Grab your phone from your bag or pocket and start logging in to your Gcash account.

Oops, wait! a friendly reminder… Do not display it when logging in to your account keep it confidential. It’s just like logging in to your Facebook account you don’t want other people to know your password. But anyways so much for that, after logging in it will show how much money you have in your Gcash account. And now you can proceed to payment. Click the ” Pay QR Button” note there’s an option about paying.

Whether you have to scan their Gcash QR code or they have to scan your Gcash QR code it depends on the store where you at. But most of the time when it comes to supper market they have their Gcash QR code for you to scan. If this will be the case you have to press the “Scan QR” Button and scan. It will show up the Name of the store and you have to indicate the exact amount of the item that you purchase. And then press the “NEXT” button and then it will finish.
In some other cases, they have to scan your Gcash account (this is more common when it comes to food chains like McDonald etc.) you have to press the Generate QR/Barcode button and show it to them and they are going to scan it. You don’t need to indicate the amount that you have to pay because it automatically takes the exact money that you have to pay. Faster than you have to scan their QR code.

Those were the two ways of Pay QR. So easy and fast transactions. You don’t need to bring cash money with you. All you have to bring is your mobile phone. Note make sure you have your Mobile data. Because it won’t work if you don’t have any mobile data load.


How to pay bills using Gcash and how convenient it is?

In paying bills like electricity, Water bills, Internet bills, and any sorts of monthly bills payment you have. Gcash would be a great application for that.

Steps to follow:
Step 1: Grab your phone and log in to your account

Step 2: Hit the button “Pay Bills”
Step 3: Choose Categories like “Electric Utilities, Water Utilities, Cable/Internet, Telecons, Credit Cards, Loans, Government, Insurance, Transportation, Real Estate, Health Care, Schools, Payment Solutions and Others”.
Step 4: Look for the company that you have to pay for.
Step 5: Indicate the exact amount that you have to pay, Indicate your Account reference Number, and Indicate your email address so you can get an Email.
Step 6: Press the button “NEXT”
Step 7: Download your receipt

So easy and convenient you can save some money for the fare, You can save some time. Very reliable for bill payment. You do not get into a long line and wait for the counter to serve you.


How to transfer money from Gcash to a Bank Account?

Based on my own experience, bank transfer is quite really good. For me, it’s more convenient than going to the bank and doing the physical transaction. Using Gcash for bank transactions is a good choice, especially for those who don’t have more time to go out. This will work really well for you and aside from that every transaction you can only pay Php.15 for every transaction. It’s not an expensive yet reliable one. So what are you waiting for?
Check the steps below for you to start. Let’s go!

Steps to follow:

Step 1: Grab your phone and log in to your account
Step 2: Hit the button “Bank Transfer”
Step 3: Select Partner Banks or on the upper side you can see there “My Saved Bank Accounts and then you can also hit the Add account”
Step 4: You have to enter your desired amount, Indicate your account name, indicate your account number, and enter your email for the receipt.
Step 5: Press the “SEND MONEY” button (it will show up the total amount including the Php 15 as a transaction charge) Note before you hit the Confirm button do the double-check.
Step 6: Press the “CONFIRM” button
Step 7: Do

wnload your receipt

For faster and cheaper bank transactions try your Gcash now. So you wouldn’t be winded up falling into a long line. So you can save some time and money by doing this.


How to buy a load from Gcash?

Buying a mobile load into the sari-sari store or to some load outlet they have to charge you at least 2-3 pesos per load. Where unless you have your Gcash mobile wallet in just a few seconds you can have your mobile load as quickly as it is and free from any charge.

Steps to follow:
Step 1: Grab your phone and log in to your account
Step 2: Hit the button “Buy Load”
Step 3: You have to choose what network you’re going to put the Load on.
Step 4: Enter the 11 digits’ mobile number and press the NEXT button if the number is correct press the “YES PROCEED” button
Step 5: Choose from the given Promo and hit the “NEXT” button
Step 6: You have to review the amount that you are going to pay and if you are sure Press the Blue Button below
Step 7: It’s up to you whether you have to download your receipt or screenshot, Or just leave it.



Gcash mobile wallet helps every individual in all ways. By using Gcash everything becomes instant. I’m a happy and content Gcash user for it is a very convenient and fast transaction. I definitely recommend this to you if you’re not a Gcassh user. Or if you are already a Gcash user try to explore and learn.





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