Are you looking for a place where you can stay exclusively with co-workers/business partners but want to relax at the same time? Teambuilding with colleagues? Business conference? Or how about just a vacation with family or friends? Whichever the reason for your travel be, you can find these places in Davao relaxing, away from the busy city, and rejuvenating.


7 Staycation and Exclusive Guest Houses

Some of these places are even newly built you’d definitely go wrong with these #staycation destinations. Excited? Here are the lists.


 Buda Vista Vacation House

Buda Vista Vacation House photo

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A two-hour drive from Davao City, Buda Vista Vacation House takes you to an experience you won’t definitely forget sooner. Situated in the mountains at Buda like its name, the area is known to have a ‘Bagiuo-like’ experience due to its chilly, cold climate. During dawn and/or twilight, you’ll experience fog in the area and a crisp ambiance. Buda Vista is a 3-storey house that features a snug living room and bedroom with floor cushions in a boho and ‘Japanese-esque’ feel. The place also has a long dining table in the dining area, billiard hall, living room with fireplace, kitchen with complete utensils and fridge, and a porch at the back of the house. You’ll feast your eyes at the high-end wood structure and glass wall of the house intended to see the overlooking view of the Buda mountain and forest. Outside, you can stroll and enjoy the well-manicured garden and ornamental plants. Buda Vista can accommodate up to 15 people perfect if you’d like teambuilding with your co-workers or bonding with family/friends. 

Price:  7-8,000php~ per night

Location:  G64X+2V8, Marilog District, Davao City, Cotabato


Leigh Haven Vacation House

Leigh Heaven Vacation House photo

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Don’t want to go outside Davao City but still wants to feel like you’re out of town? Then pick this place! Leigh Haven Vacation House is a modern and sophisticated guest house sitting at Eden road, Davao City surrounded by pine trees and forests. The two-storey house has 2 bedrooms and a loft area, dining area, a deck, outdoor and indoor kitchen, garden, large living room, kiddie slide, and pool, videoke, and more. The place is fully furnished as well so you can bring in some fresh foods for you to prepare if you’d wish to. The place is perfect for reunions, bonding with friends, and/or colleagues. The house can accommodate up to 10 people and if you want to add another guest, you just have to pay additionally. The best thing about this place is that it is exclusive, cozy, and absolutely relaxing. They also have wifi access if you need internet. And oh, they have a shuttle service if you don’t have a car.

Price: 10,000php~ per night (10pax in a group)

Location: Purok Uguis Rd, Toril, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur



 Chateau De Communal

Chateau De Communal photo

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How about an exclusive guest villa just in the heart of Davao City? Look no further because Chateau De Communal is just located at Buhangin, Davao City and the place is definitely chill, like summer vacation vibe-chill. It is one of the most affordable exclusive guest house you can find. The two-storey villa features three bedrooms, three bathrooms, outdoor and indoor kitchens, a swimming pool for kids and adults, a grilling area, parking space, wifi access, and game boards and game area (Darts, table tennis, cards). The place is also fully furnished with complete utensils so there’s nothing to worry about.  It also has a modern summer beach vibe that has a pleasant, clean area you and your business associates/co-workers would like to stay in if you want a laid-back business conference.

Price: 8,500php~ (up to 15pax)

Location: Country Homes Rd, Buhangin, Davao City, Davao del Sur



 Secret Peak Buda

Secret Peak Buda photo

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Posh, comfy and luxurious.  Secret Peak Buda will make you marvel at its grand vacation home with a French Provence vibe in the middle of the mountains. It is definitely a place you’d like to bring your business partners, colleagues, family, or friends if you want to impress and wow them. Their lounge area is as glamorous as in the photos. Inclusive in the villa is an authentic shabu-shabu dining experience, french breakfast, and a personal butler at your disposal. Your food is prepared by a 5-star hotel chef so you’ll never go wrong with the area. They also have three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a billiard and play area for kid’s bedrooms, a Russian dining setup, a bonfire area, an outdoor patio, and a nice view during sunrise. Plus you can sightsee here, visit a cave nearby and go on hiking. Want to be off-grid away from the busy city life? No worries, because you can reconnect to nature here due to its cool ambiance.

Price: 20,000-25,000php~

Location: BUDA-DAVAO ROAD in front of Mountain Dance

Since they have no specific google map location as of this moment, you can contact them through their Facebook Page:

 Pinewoods Cabin

Pinewoods cabin

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Love a cozy, cabin experience in the outskirts of Davao City? Then Pinewoods cabin would give you that. Located in a hilltop area in Buda, the cabin rest house is a great place to have that homey, chilly vibe for you and your bond mates, family, or colleagues. Want teambuilding just right in the budget? Here’s the perfect place. The guest house features 3 bedrooms, hot and cold showers, a fully furnished kitchen, living room with karaoke,  outdoor hammock area, gaming room, playground, porch, gazebo with a bonfire, and a tent with a dining table at the ridge. The place has cold weather and fresh air which makes it perfect for a cabin experience.

Price: 6,000-8,000php~ (10-15pax)

 Location: Camp John P, Napalico, Arakan, Cotabato


Lola Mommy’s Rainforest

Lola Mommy's Rainforest photo

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Lola Mommy’s Rainforest is a place great for a retreat, bonding with colleagues and family. Surrounded by lush ornamental flora, you’ll love the breathtaking view of the well-maintained gardens perfect to stroll and unwind. You’ll expect a cold climate, refreshing air, and a serene ambiance. Their bedrooms are made out of high-quality wood and have a fireplace area. Outside, there’s also a cabana and a beautiful lagoon where guests can go kayaking. They also have a zipline and trampoline experience.

Price: 10,000-15,000~ (20-30pax)

Location: Km.74, National Highway,(Davao-Bukidnon Road) Sitio Epol, Brgy. Baganihan, Marilog District 8000 Davao City, Philippines


Cheyna Rest House

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When you just arrived in Davao, you don’t need to go far if you want to be in a rest house with your business associates. Cheyna Rest House is just near the Davao International Airport so save yourself from a lengthy trip. The fully-furnished guest house is made of beautiful wood which features a living room with tv, a kitchen with utensils, two bedrooms, wifi-connection, outdoor open space for events, and a 24-hour front desk. Cheyna Rest House is also 5-10 minutes away from SM Lanang Premier. A relaxing rest house just in the city? Sign yourself up in Cheyna Rest House.

Price: 6,300-8,000php~ (up to 30pax)

Location:  Barangay Angliongto, Bypass Road, Catliya st. Punad village, 8000 Davao City, Philippines 



Don’t you think these lists are lovely?

Undoubtedly, there are more beautiful places you can stay in Davao for conferences, business meetings, team building, etc. This list is just some that stand out at the moment. Which of these staycations are you visiting first?

If you want articles just like these, let us know in the comments.

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