If you are looking to travel in Davao City, these are the list of the finest restaurants you shouldn’t miss while you are on the Land of Promise!


Travelling in Davao and you don’t know which one to visit? 

Davao is a highly urbanized City and with all the melting pot of variety of dishes. From local restaurants to foreign, your tastebuds will definitely be satisfied on this top 12 Restaurants whether depending on your taste or you are looking to try new cuisines. Just thank me later.


The 8th Diner

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Chill spot outdoor dining is the perfect place to hang out with your friends, loved ones and family . They also have an ALA CARTE menu if you are in the mood to eat Unli. This place has a clean and friendly environment. If you want to eat Balut then this is the right place for you, with a unique way to eat Balut. How about some Japanese foods Ka-8th diners also serve.  In any event that you have whether casual or formal, this place is good for you.

Tong Yang Plus

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Celebrants can eat for free on the day of  their Birthday for both lunch and dinner accompanied with one full paying Adult and also within your birth month as well . If your birthday is coming up and you can’t decide yet what to cook then this is the best restaurant for you. This is located at SM Ecoland Davao City, you can eat whatever you want, main dishes, side dishes, deserts, fruits, vegetables. You can eat All you can.



Jack’s Ridge

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Prided itself to be situated at the top of Shrine Hills Matina Davao City, the food is definitely heavenly! From filipino-food cuisines like chicken barbecue to desserts like halo-halo, your palate will definitely be satisfying. And did I mention that it is one of the most romantic places in Davao? It has beautiful scenery and ambiance at the top, especially visiting at night because you will be seeing the sea of lights all over Davao City. A must visit! 


 Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant

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If you are a seafood lover and can’t get over it, then you must visit this restaurant. Their bestsellers are the Tuna Belly, Grilled Panga, Seafood Grill, Tinolang Manok, Fried Eggplant and don’t forget to order their fresh seafoods. 

And did you know that this is President Rodrigo Duterte’s favorite restaurant? Yes, you read it right. It should be on your list. 

Yellow Fin is located at Sandawa Plaza, Quimpo Boulevard, Davao City.


Vikings Luxury Buffet

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Is it your birthday but you can’t decide what to eat and just want ANYTHING? Then you must visit this restaurant with your partner and/or friend! Birthday celebrants will be free of charge just bring one to pay for the full price and you and your companion will be able to experience a variety of dishes to choose from like Filipino, Asian, European and American cuisines and many more. They serve fresh fruits, fresh salads, seafoods, savory dishes, drinks, desserts and pastries. It’s an all in one buffet! The only rule here is to visit here empty stomach. 

It is located at SM Lanang Premier, Upper Ground Level, Fountain Court, J.P. Laurel Ave., Agdao, Davao City. 



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Are you looking for sumptuous desserts that would satisfy your sweet tooth but at a good price? Then you must visit their store! Their bestsellers are the brownies with their variety of chocolate tastes, cinnamon rolls and Sans Rival. They also serve delicious cakes that you would only taste in Davao City. 

Annipie is located at Quimpo Blvd, Talomo, Davao City


Roxas Night Market Street Food 

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To truly experience Davao City, one shouldn’t miss the popular Roxas Night Street Food. The place has a variety of street dishes: Grilled fish, grilled belly, barbeque, chicken, fresh seafood, buchi with different fillings, fried isaw (intestine), fried dynamite rolls (like spring rolls with chili filled with pork and cheese) desserts like fried ice cream and many more! For 100 pesos (2 dollars) you can try as many as these dishes!

Roxas Night Market is located at Roxas Avenue, Poblacion District, Davao City 


Bondi and Burke Davao

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If you are looking to experience a cozy and ultimate fine dining restaurant then this is the place to be! The food is top notch so it is on the pricey side but the serving portion will be large so you will truly experience their mouth-watering meals! I recommend ordering their Wagyu Beef Ribs and finish it with Vanilla Creme Brulee as your dessert. Yummy!

Bondi and Burke Davao is located at 115 P Pelayo St, Poblacion District, Davao City.



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We are on the number four list so it is fitting that we are listing only the best! And one of the most favorite of Davaoenos (and we can’t get enough of their food) is Lachi’s. The place is always crowded with customers because we always keep coming back here! You must try their bestseller Asian Spicy Chicken. And don’t be fooled coz you’ll never forget how good their dishes are. And for dessert try their Luscious Mud Pie and Sans Rival because it is the best in town!

Lachi’s is located at Value’s School, Door 1-H, Ruby St, Poblacion District, Davao City.


 Balik Bukid Farm and Kitchen

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Do you want to satisfy your Filipino palate? 

One of the most celebrated restaurant here in Davao City with all the delectable authentic Filipino dishes is Balik Bukid Farm and Kitchen. And did I mention they also serve vegan food? Plus it is a family-friendly restaurant so if you are planning to visit it with your kids, then this is the place! 

Balik Bukid Farm and Chicken is located at Sandawa Plaza Brgy 8000, Quimpo Blvd, Davao City.


 Al-Sultan Halal Restaurant 

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Don’t you just love to eat Mediterranean cuisine in the heart of Davao City? Then Al-Sultan Halal Restaurant will truly satisfy you with their Middle Eastern dishes! It is a halal restaurant that serves your favorite food like biryani, kebab and many more familiar Mediterranean cuisines!

It is located at Abreeza Mall, J.P. Laurel Ave, Bajada, Davao City


Huckleberry Southern Kitchen & Bar 

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It is a tough battle between restaurants to pick which is in the number one top spot but I decided to give it to Huckleberry Southern Kitchen & Bar for it’s delectable fine dining cuisines and to finish your meal with a wide variety of rare spirits, liquors, rums and many more! Boasted to be placed in Tattler’s Best Restaurant Philippine’s List in 2016, it is definitely one of the must-try restaurants in Davao City. The food is on the pricey side but they serve in huge portions so it is of reasonable price. The food is delicious and served high quality and it is truly unforgettable!

Huckleberry Kitchen & Bar is located at Oboza Heritage House Compound, Rizal St., Poblacion District, Davao City



Which restaurant do you want to visit first? 

Are you interested in one of these restaurants? If so, visit our website! There are several restaurants to choose from. Also, one of the restaurants listed above is guaranteed to be one of the best you can visit in Davao City. From fine dining to street food restos, these are memorable places that you’ll keep coming back for and you will have the best time (and food) while staying in Davao. Enjoy your visit and welcome to Madayaw Davao!


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